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Hot Air Balloons

The hot air balloon glow, a crowd favorite, occurs on Friday evening of the festival.  Tethered rides will be available, weather permitting, before the balloon glow.   Times for 2023 TBD.

Hot Air Balloon
Tethered Rides

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?  This is your chance for a short and affordable tethered ride!


On Friday evening, tethered rides will be available for purchase, weather permitting.  During a tethered ride, pilots will take two to four passengers up between 30 and 50 feet.  The pilot and passengers will hover above the park for a couple of minutes.  The balloon will not fly away as it will be tied off to vehicles on the ground.  

You will get a birds eye view of the entire festival.  Tickets can be purchased at the table near the balloon field. 


"Frank McCrory"
Hot Air Balloon Glow

As darkness falls upon the park, the hot air balloons will inflate and stand up for about an hour.  They will light up the field with their propane burners while you and your family visit with the pilots and see the balloons up close.

In 2022, the balloon glow was renamed in memory of Frank McCrory.  Frank was a long-time pilot in Southern Indiana and Louisville area and also helped coordinate the balloon glow for many years.

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