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Saturday, August 26, 2023
1:30 - 2:30 PM






Online registration is closed

You are still able to participate in the pageant. Arrive at the main stage no later than 12:30pm for registration and for a quick rehearsal. Fee is $20/child. Cash only. Pageant starts promptly at 1:30pm.

Parents, bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on and water in case your child needs a drink.

Participants who register day of will not be considered for the Most Photogenic award as it is being judged prior to the pageant.


Details for the day of the event.


We are no longer riding in the parade at this time as we have too many contestants and parents to fit into the float. 


Important details to consider before the event: 


  • Contestants must be a resident of Clark County at the time of the pageant. 

  • Age divisions are divided as such: Tiny Miss ages 4-7 and Little Miss ages 8-12.

  • This is a natural pageant with makeup limited to lip gloss.

  • Pageant dress is Sunday best. Please take the weather into consideration.

The pageant is located at Silver Creek Township Park at the pavilion and starts at 1:30 pm. Please arrive no later than 12:30 pm for registration and a practice prior to the event. If your entry fee has not been submitted please bring $20 cash to registration.


Parents bring chairs, snacks or any non-alcoholic beverages you or your contestants may desire. The Registration and Practice session should be no longer than half an hour each. The Pageant will last roughly an hour total with the younger age division competing first. Both age divisions will have the presentation of crowns following the completion of the older age division. Contestants need to be present in order to place. 


Judging is divided into three categories: Stage Presence (Confidence, Poise and Smile), Modeling (Beauty and Dress), and an Overall Score. All scoring is final.


Prizes are as follows: $100 cash prize awarded to the title holder for each age division, as well as a sash, a trophy, and crown. $50 cash awarded to first runner up, as well as a sash and a trophy. Miss Congeniality will be awarded a sash and a trophy. Miss Photogenic will receive $50 cash, a sash, and a trophy. All contestants will receive a participation certificate to celebrate each individual’s hard work regardless of their placing.


See Below for more information. Any questions can be emailed to:


Winner chosen on day of pageant & will be announced on stage following all contestant presentations. 

Each age division will have a first place winner (crowned with a tiara to keep, sash & $100 cash prize) and a runner up (presented wih sash and $50 cash prize).  

Miss photogenic ($50 cash prize) & Miss Congeniality will also be presented a sash from each age division.

Miss congeniality will be voted on by all contestants after getting to know one another at the rehearsal.

All contestants  will be presented with an "official princess" certificate of participation.

This is a natural pageant with makeup limited to lip gloss. Pageant dress is Sunday best. Please take the weather into consideration. Think natural beauty over glitz and glamour. 

Open to girls only in all age divisions.




Tiny: 4-7 years old
Little: 8-12 years old

All entered contestants will receive a goody bag and certificate of participation.

Required Phases of competition:

  • Submitted and Complete Form Below with your $20 required entry fee NO LATER THAN August 18, 2023 (please see note above about day of registrants).

  • Contestant headshot to be uploaded on this form or e-mailed at a later date.

  • We accept payment by PayPal Invoice, cash or check at this time. See below for mailing address or contact a pageant director for a drop off location/time.

Amanda Barr | (five zero two) 779-1461

Trish Riggle | (eight five nine) 640-6740


Pageant Entry: $20

Additional OPTIONAL awards:
Photogenic: $5 per photo.

Pageant scoring will be determined by our team of highly experienced judges with strong backgrounds in the pageant industry. 

Categories to be judged are as follows:


  • Stage Presence (Confidence, Poise and Smile)

  • Modeling (Beauty and Dress)

  • Overall Score

Media Consent:

Video and still photography will be taken during all festival events. Participation in any part of the festival gives consent for photos to be taken and used as the festival sees fit. Winners are expected to be showcased as their titles of "Tiny Miss and Little Miss Sellersburg Celebrates" including representation of the festival.

Please check your email regularly for pageant updates and/or requests.


Scoring is Final 

Lastly, all award winnings are final and cannot be disputed, score sheets and notes anonymously are available by requesting them. We strive in being transparent with our contestants and will answer any questions you may have to 


Bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on.  Drinks for yourself or your child as well.  

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