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Sellersburg Celebrates! Community Luncheon

The planning committee for Sellersburg Celebrates! invites you to the annual community luncheon at Rock Creek Academy in Sellersburg, IN on Friday, August 25, 2017. This year’s guest speaker is Ben Pine, Chief Meteorologist for WHAS.

Pine, a transplant to the Louisville metro area, can tell you that weather forecastings isn’t easy but it’s a job he clearly loves. Join your neighbors and coworkers for food and fellowship as Ben Pine talks through the theme of Sellersburg Celebrates for 2017: “Weather or not”.

Candi Graves, Marketing and Booth Chair for 2017’s festival explains, “Rick Cannon, as festival president for 2017, inspired this year’s theme. Rick was president of the festival in 2015; a year where torrential downpours forced the committee members to cancel the festival early two days out of the three. It was a soggy and disappointing day for the committee who worked countless volunteer hours to ensure everything went just right. Rick wanted to commemorate that ‘lost’ opportunity for an amazing festival by carefully choosing this year’s theme.”

“I wanted a do over for 2015,” explains Cannon. “This is my year.”

Tickets are available for $20/each and seating is limited. Tickets include admission and lunch. New this year, tickets can be purchased online via PayPal. Simply visit for more information. Tickets may also be purchased at Ray's Lawn and Garden, Sellersburg police department, New Washington State Bank in Sellersburg, and at Rock Creek Community School.


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